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The free-to-play, live football bingo game from Match Bingo.

Claim your free card each week and buy up to 4 more to increase your chance of winning!

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  4. Watch your card automatically populate as teams score
  5. Win cash prizes for being the fastest to complete your card

It’s Saturday. It’s 3 o’clock. It's BINGOALS time!

Play for free, have fun and win cash prizes

Free to play

Claim your free card every week for your chance to win £100s.


Every goal up and down the country can help you win. Goals make lines and lines win prizes.

Jackpot prizes

Season-long jackpot prize of £2,500, as well as monthly jackpot prizes of up to £250 for being the fastest to complete your lines.

It's iconic

Bingoals is the 21st Century Pools.

Play Football Bingo too

Increase the fun and raise funds for good causes playing Football or Cricket Bingo.

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