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A more sustainable way to acquire and engage supporters

Current challenges

How Match Bingo helps

  • Acquiring new supporters is difficult, new fundraising efforts are costly and tie up valuable internal resources.
  • Circulating fundraising efforts to the same supporter group risk harming the relationship through repeated asks.
  • Limited options for charities to engage with their supporters leads to transactional, unengaged relationships.

How Match Bingo helps

  • Less resources needed for fundraising allowing more time and money to be spent on building supporter relationships.
  • Game play brings a new demographic of supporters motivated to give but energised by having fun.
  • Supporters associate donating with fun, rather than relying on a dwindling urge to ‘do the right thing’.

The App

Is your charity looking for a more sustainable way to acquire and engage supporters?

Dated fundraising solutions leave supporters feeling tired of the same old asks. Match Bingo makes giving a by-product of having fun. Supporting your favourite causes is now a win/win situation!

Jackpot prizes

A range of Jackpot prizes to drive regular gameplay and support promotion

Protection at the heart

Our ethos is to protect your supporters and prevent negative behaviours

Secure online payments

Secure payments handling allows you to focus on what’s important

Centralised reporting

Keep your data teams happy with centralised reporting on your supporters

Encourage engagement

A seamless supporter journey to increase player sign ups

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