Yes, please! Ensure you update your details as soon as possible. Just contact a member of our friendly customer support team and they will be able to help you.

You must be at least 18 years of age to register & play with Matchbingo.

If you have uploaded your ID and proof of address within your manage account section, we may still need proof of your depositing/withdrawal methods, this may include the following –

  1. Cards registered on the account
  2. Banking details registered on the account
  3. Proof of Phone if used to deposit

For proof of any cards you have used within the last 9 months, you must take a photo of the front of the card/s. Please make sure you cover the first 12 digits of the long number on the front of the card. We must be able to see the Name, Expiry, Chip and last 4 digits of the card number.

If you are withdrawing to a bank account we will require proof of the bank account. This document must be from the registered bank clearly displaying your account and sort code numbers and your name. This document may be provided via a downloaded PDF bank statement or a photo of the bank statement ensuring the entire front page is visible. If all the information is on the front of your debit card, you may send in a photo of the front of the debit card ensuring that the 12 digits of the long number on the front of the card are covered up.

In order to provide proof of phone. please send a statement or contract from your provider clearly displaying your name and the phone number. If you are on pay as you go or no longer have the phone number we may still require proof and would suggest speaking to your phone provider for assistance in the first instance.

All proof of payment methods must be sent to our support email. Please note that screenshots, scans and unclear document will not be accepted. Should you have any questions please feel free to use our live chat function or call us on our support lines.

The first thing you should try is resetting your wifi or data settings on the device/browser you are using.

If you are still experiencing issues please contact customer support and please have to hand the following information:

What device you are using (Android, IOS, Windows)?
Any screen shots of the issue.

No, it is a breach of our site Terms & Conditions to create a duplicate accounts or to be the registered account holder of more than one account. Please note that this may prevent authorisation of any deposits and/or withdrawals on all accounts linked to any one member. If you currently hold more than one account, please request closure of any duplicate accounts by contacting our Customer Support Team.

If you are having difficulty logging onto your account there are a number of things that could be causing this. The first thing to do is double check your username and password. You should also ensure that your internet connection or phone signal is stable. Once you have established the above, you should also consider the following:

  1. Have you recently set a cool down period – It may not be expired. They will expire to the hour that they were set so for instance if you set a 24 hour cool down at 10 pm, it will not expire until 10:01 pm 24 hours later.
  2. Have you requested to exclude on any of our other casinos? This will cause all of your accounts to be excluded.
  3. Have you received a request for documents? If we have not heard anything from you and require documentation to be verified, we may temporarily close your account for your security. If any of the above apply and you require further information, please contact customer support for additional assistance.

If you have never added your bank details or if you need to change bank details that you have already added, you can request this by contacting our Customer Support Team. We can disable your old bank details and enable you to re-enter your new details. Please note we can not enter these details for you.

The reasons for your account suspension may be unknown at this stage. If your account has been suspended, please check to see whether you have received an email from us concerning your account details. In most situations you will have been contacted to explain why your account is closed. As a licensed operator of real-money games we need to make sure the details on your account are correct in accordance with Know Your Customers (KYC) regulations. If these initial checks have failed, your account may be suspended. Similarly, any known breaches of our site Terms & Conditions or failure to respond to direct requests for information may lead to your account being suspended. For further information on the reasons for being unable to access your account – unless you have forgotten your password – please contact our Customer Support Team

If you have requested a standard account closure, you can request for your account to be re-opened by contacting our Customer Support Team. If you have set a cool down, your account will open automatically once the time frame that you have selected has expired. Customer Support can not end this prematurely for you.

If you have chosen to self exclude for a specific length of time AND that time frame has expired, please contact customer support. They will require verbal confirmation from yourself that you are in control of your gambling. Once they have received that confirmation, a manager will review and open your account if it is suitable to do so. If you have requested a permanent exclusion your account will not be reopened.

There are a couple of ways to close your account. If you want to close it indefinitely you can request for your account to be closed by contacting our Customer Support team. Your account will be shut and will not automatically re-open. You may still access our other sites and if you change your mind you can always request that it be reopened