Match Bingo creates a new fun way of watching sport or any event for that matter. Instead of cheering on either of the sides or celebrities players are hoping that their random event happens before anyone else can win the prize. The bingo card is populated with actual events, as opposed to random numbers, which occur during the sports match or event. Players can buy “cards” through our App and events are crossed off in the popular Bingo format, with prizes for the first player to complete each line. A Jackpot can be won should anyone complete the “Full House”.

Each Match Bingo card will display a random combination of events. For Darts Bingo there will be at least ? different combinations of throw outcomes or ‘events’ for each darts leg. The Match Bingo card will comprise the 15 boxes in a 5 x 3 Grid. Using a live data feed when a relevant event occurs it will be crossed off on the players behalf on their ‘Match Bingo Card’. With 3 individual winning horizontal lines and the Jackpot for the Full House.

Future sporting events Matchbingo aims to offer will range from cricket, football, basketball, motor racing etc. Entertainment events will also offer fun on Bingo lovers with games available for Love Island, favourite Soap Operas, Quiz shows and even Political Contests, etc.