If you have uploaded your ID and proof of address within your manage account section, we may still need proof of your depositing/withdrawal methods, this may include the following –

  1. Cards registered on the account
  2. Banking details registered on the account
  3. Proof of Phone if used to deposit

For proof of any cards you have used within the last 9 months, you must take a photo of the front of the card/s. Please make sure you cover the first 12 digits of the long number on the front of the card. We must be able to see the Name, Expiry, Chip and last 4 digits of the card number.

If you are withdrawing to a bank account we will require proof of the bank account. This document must be from the registered bank clearly displaying your account and sort code numbers and your name. This document may be provided via a downloaded PDF bank statement or a photo of the bank statement ensuring the entire front page is visible. If all the information is on the front of your debit card, you may send in a photo of the front of the debit card ensuring that the 12 digits of the long number on the front of the card are covered up.

In order to provide proof of phone. please send a statement or contract from your provider clearly displaying your name and the phone number. If you are on pay as you go or no longer have the phone number we may still require proof and would suggest speaking to your phone provider for assistance in the first instance.

All proof of payment methods must be sent to our support email. Please note that screenshots, scans and unclear document will not be accepted. Should you have any questions please feel free to use our live chat function or call us on our support lines.