RTSB Group Limited

Matchbingo is brought to you by Real Time Sports Bingo Ltd (RTSB). We are an acknowledged online gaming company that is made up of dedicated, passionate people who care about customers, people, Sports and Bingo, and most importantly what we do.

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Our Values

We Believe in serving our Customers.

We respect our customers and aim to meet their wishes as best we can, and along the way, make the things we do fun, entertaining andsimple for all to enjoy.

We are Passionate

We care about what we do and are continuously innovating and improving our products.

We have Integrity.

We live by a code of conduct to be open, ethical, and fair. Through our actions, we are continuously striving to gain people’s trust in us and all we do.

Our vision

We want to provide safe, friendly and trusted online entertainment to all our players.

Our Experience

With years of public and private sector media, social and gaming operations wisdom, we have the knowledge, and more importantly, experience to provide games and entertainment that customers want. Continuous innovation, and improving integrity to systems and platforms while always ensuring to act responsibly will always be our goal.